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Privacy Policy

Here at Blackhawk Promotions, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. In order to maintain a secure privacy system, we have adopted a privacy policy to help us collect, utilize, disclose, and store your information securely. Please take a minute to review over our policy so you can be up to date with our methods.

Obtaining and Storing Personal Information

As you venture deeper into Blackhawk Promotions territory, we may ask to collect certain information from you. By using our site in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, you are granting us the authority to share information among our affiliates. No need to worry – we only deliver relative content that will improve your entertainment experience and refuse to use your information for spam purposes.

What are examples of collected information:

  • Name – In order to send you promotional offers and special exclusives, we need to verify that the person receiving said content is you. This also allows us to confirm reservations such as VIP guestlists for specific events. If you use a name that is not synonymous with your actual name, please make sure to keep your name on all future reservations uniform.
  • Email – You can’t receive what we have to offer if you don’t have some kind of email to go by. Again, we pledge not to send any form of spam and may opt out of our Mailing List at any point in time if you wish. All email addresses are secured within our database and never released to the public.
  • Phone Number – The more events and shows we promote, the more special offers we give away. One of the many methods of receiving juicy exclusives is via text messages in which we will send automated content only if you signed up for it. If you are not on the reservation list for any events, we will not send messages. This contact information will NOT be shared with anyone other than Blackhawk Promotions officials.
  • ZIP/Postal Code – When an event is ready to happen in your region, we use this information to send you promotional content in the possibility that you made be interested. You are not obligated to share it unless you are purely interested in local happenings. This contact information will NOT be shared with anyone other than Blackhawk Promotions officials.

Know Your Privacy Rights

We completely understand that you may not feel secure about sharing your information over the Internet. By using the site, you are in no way obligated to release such information unless prompted when filling out forms on this website. To ensure your safety, please make sure that all emails being sent to you are from “” and no other name – you don’t want to be scammed!

All information collected is stored within our database, and may be removed/edited upon request of the sole recipient under site authorization.