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Headphones With Built In Music Streaming

Listen to music on the go, without the music player

Aivvy has announced via their blog that they will be launching headphones with a built-in music streaming service.

The headphones will ”automatically be bundled” with the company’s music service for the first year and after this year, owners of the headphones can continue to keep the music service current with a ”modest monthly fee.”

As the headphones are bundled with the music service, there is no need for any other device, such as a phone for example. This is a great feature for listeners as they now get to experience the music they love without need of attaching the headphones to any other device.

Aivvy also allows the listener to personalise the music they listen to. The built-in service looks at the time of day the user listens to particular music, and it then adjusts the music it plays. What’s really interesting about these headphones is the fact that the user’s listening preferences are analysed when the headphones are connected to the Aivvy cloud after the listener plugs the headphones in to charge. This is a pretty smart feature geared towards improving the listening experience for the user, and this definitely sets the headphones apart from its competitors.


Aivvy also has premium features too. Playback starts and stops when the headphones are put on and off, and although this is a common feature on headphones, Aivvy headphones have the music built-in, so the listener need not worry about whether the music player of preference is nearby or not.

The headphones will be available later on this year. More information can be found on the Aivvy website.

(Article courtesy of Digital Music News)

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