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About Blackhawk Promotions

What do you call a simple, yet professional and creative group that shines a new light on the nightlife scene? Blackhawk Promotions is a groundbreaking marketing and promotions organization that specializes in the music industry. They promote several outlets such as (but not limited to) concerts, events, musicians, sports matches, charity drives, and more. The team is spread across the entire Southern California region, covering all the way from Los Angeles to San Diego and many other counties.

The objective is to promote various media instances via social networking, public marketing, and basic word-of-mouth. With a creative and knowledgeable team, Blackhawk Promotions offers only the most exciting experiences to the public.


Although having been in the marketing industry for a few years under a different parent organization, Blackhawk Promotions became its own entity in the November of 2014. Originally founded by Daniel Davila and Juan Garcia – two young entrepeneurs hailing from the Southern California region – as a move into the rising music industry, the team was formed in the county of Los Angeles as a side profession. In a short amount of time, what started as a small project became an expanded organization that took the California nightlife by storm.

To this day, Blackhawk Promotions continues delivering the most professional and exciting services for media marketing while giving back to communities via charities or local giveaways. Fans of the team aren’t just followers; they are part of the Blackhawks family!